A-HA A2 Loudspeaker

Developed according to our basic principle of Full Dimensional HiFi.

A-ha Speakers

Design fundamentals and tech notes:


A2 is developed according to our basic principle of Full Dimensional HiFi. This means that:

The speaker's Power Response (the sum of the acoustic power emitted 360 ° around the speaker), or more simply all frequencies measured in all directions around the speaker, best represents how a speaker sounds in an acoustically well-balanced room; in our case a regular listening room.

The speaker has minimal Group Delay, ie it reproduces the music correctly in time. Each pulse is reproduced exactly at the same time in time, regardless of frequency content.

No Power Compression, ie lack of compression of the signal due to the impedance of the elements increasing with temperature (when playing loud) or requiring too much power from the amplifier to reproduce dynamic processes.

A2a is a variant powered by external amplifiers from an active Linn Exakt filter programmed with A-HA's.

A2aa is an active speaker with three built-in output stages with automatic sensing for on / off and input stages as well as three power amplifier.

A2ap is an active-passive hybrid that has a built-in active crossover filter and a 500W amplifier in the base and a passive filter for medium and treble.

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