A-HA A5 Loudspeaker

A full range speaker in a small package.

A-ha Speakers

A full range speaker in a small package.


With its 12” coax speaker it acts like a point source with a range from 50Hz to 20kHz with a sensitivity of 92dB. It comes with powerful 2x240W amplification and advanced FIR filtering for a fully time / phase coherent linear frequency response and is extremely dynamic with high SPL capability. It has a very wide directivity and can be used from 1m to well over 5m listening distance. Paired with the XX isobaric subwoofer it makes for our top of the range offering.

The isobaric sub is a powered FIR controlled compact modular down firing subwoofer capable of extremely linear, precise and dynamic performance down to 20Hz in a room.

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