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Constant directivity speakers are a type of loudspeaker that is designed to maintain a consistent sound dispersion pattern over a wide range of frequencies and angles.

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Unlike traditional speakers, which typically have a narrow "sweet spot" where the sound is optimal, constant directivity speakers are designed to produce consistent sound quality and coverage throughout a larger listening area.

The key to achieving constant directivity is to carefully control the dispersion pattern of the speaker. This is typically done by using a specially designed horn or waveguide that directs the sound in a specific pattern. The horn or waveguide is typically placed in front of the driver (the part of the speaker that produces the sound) and helps to shape and control the dispersion of the sound waves.

By carefully controlling the dispersion pattern, constant directivity speakers are able to provide more consistent sound quality across a wider range of listening positions. This makes them ideal for applications where a large number of people need to hear the same sound clearly and accurately, such as in theaters, conference rooms, and outdoor venues.

Constant directivity speakers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, from small bookshelf speakers to large, professional-grade systems. They are often used in conjunction with other audio equipment, such as amplifiers and equalizers, to optimize their performance for specific applications.

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